Sister Charity

By weekendwriteranon

>I volunteer at this orphanage at least once a week, the first of its kind in that it serves both humans and monsters

>I've been doing it so long that most of the kids who live here know my name

>My work entails everything from distributing new clothes, to chaperoning field trips, to just being a positive role model to some of the more troubled children.

>The only problem is that the place is constantly lacking for funds.

>sure, being non-denominational means we get paltry donations from various Christian organizations, as well as the fledgling branches of the church of Eros in this world.

>But ultimately, like an 80's movie cliche, the orphanage is constantly in danger of being shut down due to lack of funds.

>That is, until we got our own benefactor.

>Friday night, and I'm shuffling the kids into the main hall, plugging my laptop into the flatscreen perched on a small rolling cart

>Getting them all comfortable for the weekly entertainment.

>The twins, Jason and Teddy have a front row seat as always

>I notice someone hanging upside down above me.

>Martina, showing off for the other kids just because she's a were-bat.

"Alright, is everyone comfortable?"

>I feel a small tugging on my pantleg

>Ah, I almost forgot about little Karen.

>A tragic case, only four years old and has been here since birth, the old baby in a basket routine.

>I've seen her grow from an infant to a toddler to the little girl here now.

"You want to sit on my lap and get a better view?"

>She nods her head, her violet eyes meeting my own.

>Still a few years yet before she needs to cover them.

"Haha, well then, upsie daisy."

>Settling the tiny basilisk into my lap, I feel her small arms wrap around my own and her head nestle itself against the crook of my arm.

>Karen essentially considers me and another employee of the orphanage to be her parents

>If I made a steadier income, I would have adopted her months ago, but as it stands, I feel she gets better care here.

"Alright everyone, the stream is starting."

>On the screen, an animated opening plays with church bells leading into a short animation of a dark haired nun rushing through her busy day at church, eventually leading to a jaunty J-Pop number.

>As the opening plays out, I can't help but feel a little tinge of nostalgia remembering the debates surrounding "v-tubing" way back when.

>Obviously, when the monstergirls came, most of the market dried up. After all, why watch a woman pretend to be a shark girl or a fox girl when you had actual shark and fox girls?

>Still, the few that remained were usually the ones with good gimmicks or actual charisma.

>For example...

>My thoughts are interrupted by a chorus of children's voices following along with the greeting of the 3-D animated woman on screen, A larger scaled version of the nun from the opening.

<"Greetings and God's blessing to all of you watching! Activegraph 2nd generation v-tuber and servant of the Lord, Sister Charity is here!"

<"So, it's Friday again, Parishners. Which means we will be doing another collection plate stream today. That's right, superchats and donations are on and not a single cent goes into my own pocket."

>For example, her,

>"Sister Charity", a seemingly average nun albeit with crosses superimposed on her pupils and yellow eyes.

<"For those of you who are new to these streams, I usually have donations turned off; but every Friday we do a charity stream. All proceeds go to good causes and for those jokers who think i'm referring to myself, check the link on my Quiver for full receipts of all the organizations I donate to. Names redacted, of course."

>Sometime last year, we began receiving money in decent amounts from "Sister Charity", more than enough to fund the orphanage.

<"Ah, so today, I put a poll up online about what game people would like to see me play, and most of you picked the newest Call of Duty... You heathens just want to see me play violent games, don't you."

>Well, time to mess with her, up comes the phone.

<"Ah, Anon E Moose with a twenty dollar donation, "Heathens are we Ms. "Doom is my favorite video game"?", ah but Doom is all about killing demons so it’s okay. Oops, I apologize if we have any demons in the audience tonight."

>The stream goes on, her bumbling through online multiplayer for a bit

>"Learn to play you #%$!#$&"

<"H-hey, language, I know for a fact there are children watching this stream. Which is very bad, you all should be in bed."

>The kids laugh, every time she says something like this, it's as if she's addressing all of them.

>I can't help but remember the big debate about "parasocial relationships" when old v-tubers were big.

<"Ah, it's so violent, why isn't there an option to be a chaplain?"

(You can always rp as one.)

<"Ah, true, thanks Anon. Everyone, before the match starts gather around, I'm going to bless you all."

>So, for a few rounds she runs around giving "last rites" to downed teammates and generally acting as support.

>Every now and then popping targets of opportunity with a sniper rifle, her avatar's eyes widening alongside her smile

<"Haha, headshot. You can't hide from God and you can't hide from me."

>The rest of the stream goes smoothly

<"Ah, well, I think that's enough for one night. I'll see you all on Monday for the usual art stream. Goodnight, God bless, and don't forget to say your prayers."

>Her theme song plays her out as the children cheer, rousing little Karen from her slumber on my lap

>From a nearby hall, a figure with aquamarine hair wearing a strangely nautical version of nun's habit walks in, drinking from a bottle of water.

>Sister Angela, the other semi-permanent volunteer

<"Ah, and what has got everyone so excited?"

>The children swarm her.

>"You missed another one of Sister Charity's streams!"

>"She was really cool tonight, playing that game even though she didn't really like it."

>From my lap, I can see Karen is reaching out.

>I mentioned she sees me as her father, well Angela is who she considers her mother.

>Gently, Angie takes the small girl from my lap, Karen's serpentine tail coiling around her waist like a belt.

<"Haha, well I'm sure I'll catch the one next week. Now, all of you off to bed."

>Karen hugs her tighter, not wanting to go to sleep.

"Come on now, little sneks need their sleep just like everyone else."

>She says nothing, but pouts cutely.

"If you go to bed then the Sister and I will get you ice cream tomorrow."

>Her eyes widening, she motions for Angie to put her down, then sets off like a rocket towards her room.

"Heh, works every time."

<"You really should stop bribing her like this, its setting a bad example."

"I was supposed to be setting a good example? I thought you kept me around as an example of what not to do."

>She moves closer and wraps her arms around me, I give her a short kiss on the cheek.

"The kids loved you tonight."

<"Let's not talk about work. Could you take me upstairs and draw a bath?"

>With a sigh, I hold out my arms, bracing myself as she hops in. Her legs draped over my forearms as I carry her bridal style to her private quarters.

>As we walk, her legs turn from human legs into a green fish tail and gills sprout from the side of her neck along with fish like scales and fins.

>As we reach her private bathroom, I set her on the toilet as I begin filling the tub.

<"I still don't know how humans can stand being on those things all day, my tail is killing me and it's all residual pain from my feet."

"Well, we're usually not on them for at least eight hours a night and you know this because you share a bed with one most nights."

>She blushes, never really liked me being candid about our relationship even though her having a boyfriend isn't against her religion.

"You know, you seem more embarrassed about me mentioning that we're together than you are about me seeing you naked."

>To emphasize my point, I begin undoing the buttons on her robe

<"Plenty of people have seen me naked, you've seen the art people draw."

>So that's what it is.

>As her final garment is removed, I take her back in my arms. For a short moment, I hold her in midair before slowly lowering her down into the bath.

>As her tail touches the water, I engage her in a kiss, her body reacting to the sensation above and below.

"Sister Charity, you mean. Plenty of people have seen her naked."

<"I don't understand, what about my character makes people want to draw such disgusting scenarios?"

"You know some people just get off on degrading pure things"

>She nods, beginning to lower herself into the bath further.

<"I'm sorry about those, I can't stop them."

"Ah, it's nothing. Even if you could it would just make them want to make more."

>I slowly stroke her hair.

"So, how much did you make tonight?"

<"About $82,000. Though most of those were from merch sales."

"Sounds good, the children need new mattresses and the west wing needs to have its roof repaired."

>She nods once again, beginning to soap up her hair

"What's on your mind, Angie?"

<"I'm thinking of giving up being a v-tuber, I'm tired of lying to people."

>She dunks her head under the water and begins rubbing her scalp, only to surface moments later

"Angie, you aren't lying to people."

<"Half those men only give me money because they think of me as their girlfriend. It's not fair to them and it's not fair to you."

"What about the kids?"

<"There are other girls in the company I've talked to about this place, they donate some of their revenue here too."

"Really, like who?"

<"You remember Keiko?"

>Ah yes, one of the 1st generation Activegraph "v-sapiens", monster girls streaming with human avatars.

>In this case, Keiko is a blue oni taking on the role of a bossy office lady who plays video games to relax after work, treating her audience like junior employees.

>She and Angie collaborated numerous times and even became friends in real life.

<"She said that if I ever wanted to quit that she would send some money to the orphanage."

>I dip my hands into the bath and place them underneath her body, even getting a bit cheeky and placing my palm right where her tail meets her torso.

>Where her butt would be if she were in human form.

>As I lift her up and help her get dressed, she continues her thought.

<"I've made enough money from ads and promotions, not to mention my salary. We could live like you always say you want to."

<"Adopt Karen, live together as a family in a house on the water. We'll give her some siblings and live happily ever after."

>As I place her in the modified pool that serves as her bed, I give her one last kiss.

"We'll do that someday, but for now just know that no matter what, I love you and the kids love you."

"Now get some sleep, I have to take Karen for ice cream and I'm sure she'll want "Mommy" to come too."

<"Hrm, I don't mind being called Mommy."

"Well, it is the logical upgrade from "Sister"

"In Alabama"

<"For Dark Elves."

>Sharing a laugh at our simultaneous jokes, I bid her good night.

>One week later, the kids are gathered together in the main hall again.

>Only this time, after hitting play on the stream and confirming the intro bumper is playing, I motion for Karen to follow me.

>Holding her hand as she slithers to match pace with my footsteps, we arrive at Angie's "Prayer room"

>Gingerly, I push open the door.

<"Greetings and God's blessing to all of you watching! Activegraph 2nd generation v-tuber and servant of the Lord, Sister Charity is here!"

>I can see Karen's magenta eyes go wide as saucers, especially as she watches the character on the 2nd computer monitor match movements with Angie.

>Angela turns her head and notices us, giving an involuntary jump.

<"Oh, Pardon me, I forgot to shut the door."

>She motions for us to come in but puts a finger over her mouth to indicate we should keep quiet.

<"Sorry about that, so anyway, a friend of mine has been getting me into these Grand Strategy Games and he said Hearts of Iron 4 is the easiest... oh, fifteen dollar donation from one Steve1996 "Are you in a relationship?"

>She looks over at me and smiles

<"What kind of question is that? Well, I'm a nun so obviously I'm married to the Lord. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble."

<"Yeah, I might do another collab with Keiko-senpai. "She's been missing confession", Hahaha."

<"Alright, you guys didn't come here to see me prattle on, you came to watch some games, so let's do this!"


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