Ayane-chan; The Bashful Oni and the Sad Eyed Salaryman Part 3:The Night After/Big Sister likes Anon

By weekendwriteranon

>I shouldn't be so used to blacking out like this, but I am by now.

>When I next wake, I am handcuffed to a gurney

>This is a new experience to say the least

>Within minutes a very perturbed Anna comes storming in, being followed by two human officers and the hellhound who found me in the woods

<"Please tell me why this man is in handcuffs?"

>"Apologies, your highness, we didn't know he was with you."

>"Are we really going to just let this guy walk away from B&E, false imprisonment, and assault?"

<"Against a man currently awaiting trial in the joint court at Royal Makai for aiding and abetting a terrorist organization? I would think you'd treat this man like a hero."

<"He held the rear while my guards bought time for us to abscond with the perpetrator."

"Thanks, Princess."

<"You will address me as "your highness, the Lady von Schwarzberg", do not forget yourself."

<"The rest of you may leave."

>The hound begins leading her fellow officers away

<"You heard the lady, not much we can do thanks to damned diplomatic immunity."

>As soon as they are out of earshot, Anna deflates, her ice-cold exterior returning to her usual placid calm.

<"I'm sorry for that, but sometimes I have to play princess to impress the peons."

"What happened?"

<"Dia and Arti fought us a path to your car, after that Joseph called the station and had them send the officers that found you."


<"As you heard, he is facing a tribunal of my sisters, many of whom are less delicate than I when it comes to traitorous wretches."

"What you said about me."

<"We don't know what happened to you, one moment you were in the backyard and the next you were gone."

>My brow creases as I debate whether to tell her or not.

"I met the leader of the Order forces in the city, a Paladin."

<"You say you faced an Order Paladin?"

"Not in battle, we just talked."

<"No doubt he spewed propaganda about how monsters are evil and deserve to be eradicated, the usual order drivel?"

"No, he almost sounded fine with monsters as they are, he just seemed to have it in for..."


"Your mother."

<"Oh, so he is not a brute blinded by dogma, but a slightly more intelligent brute blinded by his own misinterpretation of the truth."

<"Let me take a guess at what he told you, monsters as they exist now are fine but there is a danger of them returning to their previous form, he probably believes my mother transformed monsters to use as sleeper agents and time bombs, that one day she'll change them all back and have them devour their husbands."

"Could she do that?"

>Anna's eyes narrow

<"It is possible, but why would she? My mother only wants one thing, co-existence between men and monsters."

"Yes, MEN and monsters."

<"Oh boy, here we go, he brought up monsterization, didn't he?"


<"Used words like "corrupted", and "twisted", and "ego death"?"

"Not the last one, but he hinted at it."

<"Monsterization is merely a process that turns women into monsters, it does not alter their personality, it merely takes emotions that may have been repressed and buried and brings them out, fundamentally these women are the same as they were when human."

"Bohemond said that monsterization makes women into, pardon my language your highness..."

<"Cock fiends? Sluts? Harlots? Whores?, it is true that monsterization is accompanied by a period of, well arousal as the women's bodies adjusts to the mana that transformed them, but after this initial wave of lust she returns to her original personality, the Order would know this if they didn't burn monsterized women at the stake as soon as they turn."

"He made it sound like his own daughter wanted to jump his bones."

<"Then he must be mistaken, even in their lust addled state a woman would recognize her own father, besides, that initial wave of lust is usually directed towards someone the woman is already attracted to."

"He told me that the freshly monsterized worship your mother and sisters as their "new mother".

>Anna starts shaking her head

<"Damn it, Druella."

"You keep mentioning her, who is she?"

<"My idiot older sister who is responsible for three quarters of the misconceptions about lilim and monsterization, I’ll leave that there and say this."

<"No, monsterization does not change women's personalities, at worst it makes them more open and alters some of their worst characteristics."

<"No, for the most part we do not force women to monsterize against their will, most of them approach us to ask for it."

<"And no, outside of the depraved fetishes of my virgin older sister, we do not force freshly monsterized women to worship us."

>Her anger is obvious, and I feel the need to clarify myself

"He told me that the monsters could revert back, that your mother would use the threat of this to control them."

<"Anon, look at Ayane, the Zipangese do not bow to my mother, if she really desired total control she would have reverted all mamano in Zipangu long ago."

"I'm just afraid that one day, I'll have to."

<"You're not afraid for your life, you're afraid you may have to hurt Ayane?"

"Exactly, I can't live without her at this point, I couldn't hurt her, not even to save myself."

>Anna stares into my eyes

<"Anon, that is..."


<"You realize I'm going to tell her you said that, right?"

"Please don't"

<"Too late."

>For a princess she sure is impossible

<"Look on the bright side, that will mitigate her anger at you sneaking around again without telling her."

>At that moment, one of the officers re-enters the room

>"Hey, Anon, right? There's a Mr. Patterson wanting to speak with you?"

"Junior or senior"

<"Senior, I can already smell the scotch and cheap cologne, I'll see you later, Anon. I hope this conversation gave you some answers."

>Sure enough, the genial face of Mr. Joseph Patterson Sr. enters the room

>"Ho ho, Did my eyes deceive me or was that the future Mrs. Joseph Patterson Jr. that just walked by?"

"Anna has been helping us with the investigation."

>"I would imagine, I can just picture the trouble I would have gotten into at your age if one of my friends had diplomatic immunity."

"Why are you here, Sir?"

>"Now son, I told you about calling me sir, and I'm here to discuss your future."

>"I just heard the news from Junior, I never in a million years would have guessed Halford was the snake in our little garden."

"Yeah, he always seemed pretty milquetoast to me, but then again people thought Ted Bundy was a pretty well-adjusted guy."

>"Haha, that they did, that they did, which brings me to my next point."

>"Anon, you've been working here for almost seven years, you work hard and diligently, and you just saved the company from scandal, with us needing a new sales director, I think you're the man for the job."

>A promotion, just half a year ago I would have been salivating at the prospect.

>But something still nagged at the back of my mind

"Joe, couldn't there be more moles at the company than just Halford and Calvin?"

>"You know, Anon, I think you've put yourself out there enough, let the boys in blue take it from here."

>"I'll tell you what, you take this promotion and I'll give you and Ms. Ogawa some nice vacation time to celebrate, you certainly have earned it."

"I still think something is happening, sir."

>"Now anon, the cops told me you had a run-in with those order types, they're filling your head with nonsense to get you jumping at shadows."

"You're saying I talked with the order?""

>"Well, that's what the coppers are saying, anyway, and I caught you talking to the little princess about meeting that Paladin fella Bohemond."


>"Or Sigismund, or Helbrecht, you know those order types, anyway you slice it, they're bad news."

"Well, thank you for your concern, sir. I'd like to have some time to think it over."

>"Of course, take as long as you need. You did a good thing today, Anon."

>I continued to stare at him until he left, it was not long after that I was discharged from police custody

>Silently, I drove home, thinking about everything that had occurred

>Interrogating Halford and finding out about the big plan

>The insights I gained from speaking with my enemy

>The clarifications given by the Princess

>And a potential promotion

>As I got home, I was surprised to find the door unlocked

>Did I just forget to lock it yesterday?

>No, something else is going on

>I notice the light in my bedroom is on

>Something is definitely going on here

>As I push down the hall, I can hear light breathing coming from inside my room

>I push past the door and as I do, something is upon me.

>Something is upon me, pinning me to the floor

>When I turn to confront my assailant, I come face to face with...

>A wild oni

>Or at least, Ayane in her tiger striped lingerie and what i'm assuming is a Setsubon mask she took from the Yamanos

The snarling red oni face contrasts horribly with her blue body

"Ayane, what are you doing here?"

<"I'm not Ayane, I'm a wild oni!"

"A wild oni who happened to have a key to my house?"


"Is this about what Anna told you I said?"

<"I know none of these people, I am a wild oni and I am here because I heard you were afraid of wild oni!"

<"But if I had to guess, I'd think that this Ayane would be pretty angry with you for risking your life without telling her. Again!"

"And how do you know that, Ms. Oni?"


<"But I would also guess this Ayane would have been touched when this Anna told her what you said about not wanting to hurt her even if she becomes a wild oni, like me, because I am not Ayane."

>This is ridiculous, but it beats her being angry at me.

"Well, all right, you're in my home and you've got me pinned to the floor. What's the next step in your master plan, Ms. Oni?"

<"Well, a good place to start would be Oni Wrestle. Buuuuuuut, I heard you already lost a match and did not get your due reward."

"Is this teaching me "What it truly means to love an oni?""


"Daga Kotowaru! (I Refuse)"


"I'm sorry, Ms. Oni, but I must remain loyal to my beloved Ayane."

<"B-but, Anon, I-"

>A wicked smile forms behind the mask

<"It is cute you think you have a choice in this matter, and do not worry too much."

>She comes close enough for me to see her yellow eyes through the mask

<"After a night with a wild oni perhaps you will appreciate Ayane more."

>Well now, I guess I have to play along.

"I've heard wild oni eat men."

<"Have you now?"

"Yes, please Ms. Oni, don't eat me."

<"Hehe, there you go thinking you have a choice again"

<"But I am confused as to where I should start, perhaps your tongue? But it is such a small morsel, it will barely feed my hunger."

<"But wait, I've heard men have special meat that can satisfy even a wild oni."

"How much did you have to drink that you can say that without blushing?"

>She pretends to ignore me, but my flippant remark is rewarded with a rough grab of my crotch

<"I have heard this meat grows bigger as it is tenderized, let me test that."

>As she makes quick work of my belt and zipper, my semi-erect member is revealed

<"Hrm, still too small, we will have to remedy that."

>With that, she turns around while still keeping her weight on top of me

>Almost as extra tantalization, she removes her panties

>In front of me I can see her other mouth. Drooling in anticipation of its next meal, no doubt.

>Her scent, combined with the view, drives me to make a move of my own, see how she likes being teased

"You know, Ms. Oni, I don't think I'll just let you eat me."

"I think, I'll eat you instead."

>Years of sit-ups pay off as I jam my face into her sapphire slit

>This though, is a mistake, I had forgotten the cunning of a blue oni

>Powerful legs close shut around my head, trapping me against her most intimate area

<"Eat all you like, just be sure to finish what's in front of you."

<"I was just about to start my meal anyway."


>I try to return the sentiment, but settle for mouthing the word into my meal of marinated oni manko

>Things settle into a rhythm

>If this were a professional meal, I might complain about hair in my food, but in this instance beggars can't be choosers

>All in all, I rate the meal 69/100

>I crack myself up

>Eventually, both our bodies begin to tremble with the telltale sign of imminent release

>Knowing this, she takes the time to spin herself around to face me again

<"Enough appetizers, I am ready for the main course."

>Roughly, she removes my jacket and rips open my shirt

>This is... actually pretty hot

>If only that goddamned oni mask didn't keep killing my boner

>Taking my prick in her hand, she guides it to her entrance

<"I have heard that this meat is best enjoyed by the "other mouth"

"Do all oni have two mouths?"

<"All the ones from Zipangu do."

"Well then, aren't I lu-CKY!"

>I am not prepared as she slams down upon me, impaling herself to the hilt

>Again and again, she rises and falls with the same measured intensity

>This is nothing like Ayane's usual way of intimacy, those I generously described as "textbook lovemaking"

>This, this is pure fornication, even without consent of the king the rest of the acronym still applies.

>Thinking about her, it hits me

>Sweet as the season' first sake most of the time

>Hard and unyielding as an iron club when the mood strikes her

>I now realize, this is what it truly means to love an oni

>Thankfully, I found a girl who only gets dommy when she's drunk

>The pounding smack of bottom against thighs seems to drag on for hours, even with my meager attempts to thrust into the falling weight.

>But eventually, everything must end

>With a final battle cry the only slams herself down on my shaft as deep as it will go, spasming upon it in extasy.

>For my part, with this last action, I feel an opening kiss my head. with no recourse left to me, pinned as I am under this woman, I release my seed directly into her womb

>Heavy breathing is the only sound in the room

<"I, I think I am full now. Thank you for the meal."

"You, I gue-, fuck it."

<"Hmm, you filled me up so well I am tempted to just take you for my own. How would you feel being a plaything for a wild oni?"

>Okay, she's had her fun

"Hey, Ms. Oni!"

>Quickly, I pull the mask forward as far as it will go until the flimsy string snaps

>Revealing the surprised face of Ayane.

>Turning almost as red as the oni on the mask

<"AH, Uh, W-where am I? Anon? Why are we naked?"

"You really don't remember?"

<"N-no, the last thing I remember was finding that mask at the Yamanos while looking for a pencil sharpener, I put it on and then, well, it’s a blank until now."

"You missed it, a wild oni violated me."

<"Oh, that sounds awful."

"No, I mean, remember what you told me about sex in Zipangu, "If the man really didn't want it we would stop. “?”

>She rubs the back of her neck

<"I did say that didn't I."

"You know, as traumatic as it was, I hope I meet that wild oni again"

<"W-well, obviously I would never treat you like that, it is the duty of a wife to give comfort to her husband, that is what I was taught."

>The predatory grin from earlier returns

>"However, if my wonderful future husband was ever in the mood for something, rougher, I have a feeling the wild oni will return."

"After we get a new string for the mask too?"


"Say, can we move to the bed now, Ayane? My back is stiff."

<"Ah, of course, I, I mean, I'm sure the oni didn't mean to make you lay down there so long."

>Things began changing rapidly after that, but for that night, there was only the two of us.

>I sometimes forget how quickly time can pass

>For all the bliss I had experienced in the short five months I had known Ayane, my life still progressed as normal.

>Which included some sorrowful obligations.

>When I was twenty-four years old, my mother died.

>A sudden stroke which took her life out of the blue

>Mercifully quick compared to some other ways, but still tragically sudden.

>Her funeral was the last time my siblings and I had been together, David was already looking for jobs out East and Mandy,

>Amanda and my mother never saw eye to eye.

>So it was a bit of a surprise when my brother approached me out of the blue to propose a five year meetup hosted at my place.

>It was such that for the next week in between working I began preparing for my sibling's arrival

>Making sure the house was as dry Baptist saloon, so as not to tempt my brother to fall off the wagon

>Not that his Bogey wife would let him, Judy would probably snuggle him into submission if he even came close to alcohol

>And for Amanda...

>I hadn't seen or heard from my sister in five years, which is sad because she and I were practically each other's best friends as kids

>Last I had seen her she had been in the throughs of late 20's desperate rebellion, dyed hair, doing everything she could to stick it to Mommy and Daddy while still taking their money.

>I honestly didn't know what to do with her, I tried being a good little brother, but something drove her away.

>Still, neither I nor Ayane had to put up with her shit, if she got rude then I'd throw her ass on the next flight to Bakersfield and let California have her for another half decade

>But as it stands if she remained civil than so would I.

>Before long, the day came for them to arrive

<"Are you sure you wouldn't rather have me stay with the Yamanos? This seems rather personal for you."

"Ayane, we're dating and practically married already by this point, you are part of this family."

"Besides, if I had to deal with my sister by myself, I think you'd find me dangling from a noose come Monday."

<"Don't joke about suicide, you know how it makes me feel when I hear you say things like that."

"I know, I'm sorry."

>Just then, a knock on the door interrupted our debriefing.

>"Well, Well, Well, I almost half expected this "Ayane" was just another of your Japanese cartoon girls, but no shit there she is."

>My brother pulls me into a hug and pats me on the back.

"It's good to see you too, Bro."

>Ayane cocks her head at my brother's entrance, which he picks up on and elaborates

>"Ha, Anon here got caught with one of them Anime titty pillows when he was fifteen, Mom made him put a bra on it before he went to bed."

"Well Dave, you're one to talk about sleeping with titty pillows."

>"Hey, no need to get hostile, I'm only busting your balls a little."

"Why don't I tell Judy about how you still wet the bed at fourteen?"

>"Now you're just getting nasty, besides, I left out the part about you making out with it... oops."

>A gentle voice is heard behind him

<"David, behave yourself, your brother has opened his home to us, so be grateful."

>Towering over even Ayane is the patchwork woman from his photos, for how large she is there is a gentleness to her every motion.

<"You must be Anon, Judith Morris, or I guess its Judith...

>"Judy, come on, you don't have to be so formal, it's Anon and his girlfriend, not the president."

<"There is nothing wrong with being polite, David."

>"Except makin' you sound like an old lady, hahaha."

>At this, my brother is swallowed up in the massive arms of his wife, unable to offer any protest but muffled shouts.

<"Please excuse us, but where is our room?"

"The one immediately at the end of the hall."

<"Thank you, oh, and I nearly forgot to introduce myself to you, Judi-"

>Ayane again sheepishly rubs her neck

<"I have heard, Ayane Ogawa."

<"A pleasure, now come, my dear."

>As the two make their way upstairs, my brother still futilely beating his fists against her stuffed midsection, all I can do is stare.

>It takes a few more hours but another taxi arrives in front of my house.

>The woman who steps out of it resembles my sister, but different somehow.

>She still has that obnoxious two-tone hair, but instead of purposefully clashing colors, it is a much more complimentary shade of sky blue and seafoam green.

>Not to mention, the punk aesthetic she had adopted has been replaced with something... Neo-Victorian? Steampunk is taking it too far, but something old fashioned with topcoat and trousers.

>It's still up her alley in pretentiousness

"Well, here goes nothing."

<"If it helps, I believe in you."

>Ayane flashes a thumbs up to emphasize her statement.

>I open the door and move to meet her halfway.

"Hello, Amanda."

<"Ah, so cold, little brother, are you not glad to see me?"

>The last time she talked to me she called me a "shithead workaholic"

"Well, I guess I was a little harsh, sorry Mandy."

<"No, I know you expected me to be crass, utterly uncouth, but much has changed as you have no doubt seen."

"Things certainly have, it feels like forever since I last saw you."

<"Ah, but how long is forever, little brother, sometimes its just a second.

>She sets down her suitcase and opens her arms

<"No hug for your big sister?"

>There is an embrace, but part of me is on guard.

>Being close to her I notice a scent, like fresh turned soil after a rain.

>Something else feels off, bringing me in the tails of her coat fly up and brush my hand

>I feel, gills?

>Not like a fish, but like...

>I need to confirm this, my hands go lower

<"Ah, is that really a proper place to be touching your sister, Anon?"

"I was just..."

<"Hehe, still so easy to embarrass."

>"well, you certainly dressed to the nines, Mandy. We're going to Mom's grave not the fuckin' circus."

<"Ah David, wonderful to see you as well, and who are those women peeking out behind you?"

>"Oh, Judy, meet my sister."

>The Bogey waves but does not come out from the doorframe.

>Surprisingly, it is Ayane who comes out first, a smug grin on her face.

<"Wore something you shouldn't have, Boushiya?"

<"If you mean my outfit then it was handpicked at a very upscale shop, and I'm sorry, "Boushiya"?"

<"It is what you are, is it not?"

<"I'm not sure what you mean, I am a human like my brothers."

>Ayane laughs

<"Perhaps once, but comparing you to a human now would be like asking, oh, how a raven is like a writing desk? "

>With that, she turns around and rejoins the others.

>I can see my sister trembling, her fists clenched.

<"Anon, could you be a dear and help carry my things to my room?"

>I pick up the odd shaped packages and follow after her

>Every now and then she takes peeks back at me, almost as if to make sure I'm still following her.

"Well, this is your room, I hope you don't mind it, it's a little small."

<"Oh, Anon, I don't mind at all. But won't you stay and help me unpack?"

>Something fucky is going on, but some part of me feels compelled to help her.

>It's what a good brother would do, right?

"What's with the hatbox, sis?"

<"Oh, this? This is the centerpiece of my outfit, but according to some silly agent I'm not allowed to wear it in public."


<"The Monster Integration Bureau is afraid that I'll cause mass unrest, just by wearing a silly little hat."

"W-well, you can wear it here."

<"Isn't it bad manners to wear hats indoors? Ah, but no matter, if you say its alright."

>She takes it out, it really is a nice hat, fine green felt that does tie her outfit together

<"Would you like to see a magic trick? Put it on."

"Okay, it feels nice."

>No lie, it's well made

>After a few seconds, she takes the hat from my head

<"Now, watch this."

>As she puts it on, gills sprout from the underside and the fine cloth becomes uncannily natural looking

>Something is very fucky, I need to get out of here.

<"Ah, Anon, late for a very important date? Stay here a while."

>It's a reasonable enough request... but what am I thinking?

>It would be rude to just walk out on her.

<"Fufu, that's right, I won't hurt you, trust me like you always have."

<"Remember when we were kids, when you told me that if your big sister was ever sad you'd help her be happy again?"

<"Well, your big sister has been feeling really sad lately."

>Her face is close to mine, lips parted, this is very wrong, but I can't move.

>Someone busts down the door


"Ayane, thank God."

<"Oh, is something the matter, Ms. Oni?"

<"Wonderland whore, that's your own brother!"

<"It was just some teasing, right Anon?"


<"I don't care, you probably didn't have a say in it, but I am watching you, Kinoko. Lay a hand on my Hasu and you'll be taking a trip through the looking glass, sister or no."

>For emphasis she motions to the full body mirror against the wall

>What the fuck just happened?

>Shijima no soko kara.

"C'mon, pick up you goddamn jojofag"

>Mezameru sono hashiratachi, toki wo-


"Yeah, hey Joey, is your girlfriend there?"

>"Anon? Why are you asking?"

"Look, it's personal, if Anna is there, put her on."



"Hey, remember everything you told me about monsterization?"

<"You mean last week?"

"Yeah, well, I just had my sister try to kiss me, so I think I just got fed a load of bullshit."

<"Your sister?"

"Yeah, she tried to kiss me, Ayane is acting weird, called her Boushiya."

<"Oh, a Mad Hatter, your sister turned into one?"

"I guess, something about a hat she bought made her like this, I think?"

<"Mother's love, if it isn't one thing its another with you, did you breathe her spores?"

"She has spores?"

<"Yes, she's a mushroom now, if you breathed them, you were probably effected but I'm guessing Ayane saw through her."

"That still doesn't explain why she tried to kiss me."

<"Just because I'm a lilim doesn't mean I have all the answers, try asking her yourself, if she hasn't been one for long it's probably because you're just the first man she thought of!"

"I think that's an even worse prospect than "monsterization just makes you sex crazed. “.”

<"Goodbye, Anon."

>beep beep

"Well, alrighty then."

>It's a few minutes before I show myself again, Dave and Mandy are catching up while Judy occasionally provides some commentary

>But Ayane is still staring pure murder at my sister

>"And so, I tell you, that bitch Kelly gets in front of the judge and starts bawling her eyes out about how she needs the kid, she can't stand to be apart from him, bullshit, he's at my place half the week."

>"She took my fuckin' son."

<"Don't cry David, we'll get him back, and who knows, by the time we do he may have a new sibling to play with."

>"Hehe, thanks babe."

>"Hey Anon, you and Ayumi bump uglies yet?"

>Ayane breaks her murderstare at Amanda to redirect it at my brother.

>Again, his wife quickly smothers him against her body

"He acts like a moron just so you'll do that, doesn't he."

<"I am beginning to suspect that is the case."

"Well, if everyone is ready, we can go."

<"David and I have a rented car, so we will follow you."

>Ayane speaks up

<"I would ask you take her with you."

<"Ah, do you hate me so much, sister?"

"Mandy, just go with Dave please."

<"Welllll, since you asked nicely."

>As I enter my car with Ayane beside me, the first thing she does is pull me into a kiss.

<"That woman is terrible, I have seen Ushi Oni act with more decorum than her."

"I don't think it's her fault, we don't know what happened to her."

<"She tried to kiss you! Her family! In Zipangu there is leeway among the nobility for this sort of thing but to be so brazen about it would invite dishonor!"

"We don't know the full story, so don't judge her too harshly."

<"Why are you defending her? Should I have just let her finish filling your brain with mushrooms?"

"What does that mean?"

<"All the boys in my village were taught not to go into strange portals or they would never be seen again, they would be grabbed by a Boushiya or a Bakaneko"

>Idiot Cat?

<"The Boushiya kiss you and fill your brain with mushrooms, that's what the women of the village said."

"Look, she's my sister, I have to at least talk with her."

>Ayane stares at me

<"Fifteen minutes, if tonight you aren't back in my arms by fifteen minutes after you start then I will send the wild oni after you."

<"And if I find she has dishonored you further, then it will be mushroom soup for dinner."

>The rest of the ride is in silence, until eventually we arrive.

>The graveyard is quiet and calm, fittingly somber for our purposes.

>As the family files out of their cars, we gather around the gravestones

>Rose, that was our mother's name.

>Next to her, Dean, our father.

>Slowly but surely, each of us takes our turn.

>"Hey Ma, I know it's been a while, but your oldest came back to let you know he didn't forget about you."

>"A lot's happened since the last time we spoke like this, I got married, had a kid, got divorced, hit rock bottom, and then got married again."

>"What a life, eh."

<"Who are we talking to?"

"Just talk, Judy, she'll hear you."

<"Oh, well, we never met, but you raised a fine son, so thank you."

"Hi Mom, it's been a hell of a year, pardon my language."

"Your baby finally did it, he found a woman of his own, someone he'd die for like you always said."

"I miss you, but I know you'd be proud of me."

<"H-hello, Mrs. Rose, I am not sure if things are the same here, but if you are wandering by the banks of a river and see a large oni named Mitsuki, ask her about me and she'll tell you."

<"Your son is the first man I talked to in this world, and my first friend, and soon he'll be my husband, so thank you."

>Only Amanda doesn't make a pass, after Dave and his wife have wandered back to the car, I still notice her staring forlornly at the headstone.

>Ayane keeps me in a deathgrip

"She won't try anything here."

>As I get closer, I start to hear words

<"I'm sorry for how I acted, I'm sorry we never made up before the end, I'm sorry it took me becoming this to realize how awful I had been."

<"You deserved a better daughter."

>Her eyes are downcast, staring a hole through the granite marker

"Getting things off your chest?"

>She tries to salvage her look of melancholy into the aloof seductive expression she had back at the house

<"Oh, you would be interested in my-"

"Cut the crap, I don't buy your "ara ara, otouto-kun" schtick for a second."

"I know something happened, did becoming a walking mushroom just make you realize what a bitch you were, or is this some long con game to blackmail me?"

<"Don't be angry with me, I couldn't stand thinking you'd be angry."

"I'm not angry, I just want to know what's going through that head of yours."


"I said cut the crap."

<"I'm not lying, but I won't say it in front of mom, when we're back at the house I'll tell you.

"Okay, but I warn you, Ayane is ready to kill you after the stunt you pulled this morning."

>The ride home is also spent in silence

>Dinner is at least lively, between the three girls we have a decent meal, Hamburger steak, complete with onions and raw egg.

>Served with tea courtesy of my sister.

>Dave keeps us entertained by bringing up more stories from our youth, like the time my friends and I included cropped hentai in a school project while the teacher was none the wiser.

>When night falls, everyone eventually retires to their rooms

>Except for one.

>A solitary figure staring at the moon on the back porch.

>This will take more than fifteen minutes, but I don't care, the wild oni can have me.

>As I walk behind her, I place a spare blanket on her shoulders.

"Mushroom or no, you can still catch cold."

<"I actually don't know if I can still get sick but thank you."

"So what's this all about, Mandy? How'd you get like this?"

<"That girl, Ayane? She hit it on the head, I wore something I shouldn't have."

<"A new clothing store opened, and you know me and cutting-edge fashion. The clerk said that anything was for sale, so jokingly I asked about her hat."

<"She told me that it was free if I wanted it, that she could always make a new one, so I took it, put it on my head, and then..."

"You changed."

<"Not all at once, first my thoughts became... clearer, I started realizing how awful I had treated you and Dave, and Mom. But I was still too proud to apologize."

<"Then, things became a little odd, I went to the hospital and the x-rays... humans are not supposed to have mycelium in their bodies. The next thing I knew, government agents had quarantined the hospital and put me under their protection."

>My thoughts drift back to the Paladin, his tears over his daughter, if this is how my sister acted after three months, how would she have acted freshly monsterized.

"Monsterization isn't very well known, if it got out without context, it could mean a wave of anti-monster sentiment."

<"They kept me locked in my house for three months, told all my friends I had a new strain of fungal parasite, like the plot of a bad video game. Just me, and occasionally an agent, alone for three months."

>All her friends abandoned her, and she was left to face the worst of her transformation alone. I can see where this is going.

<"While I was there, alone, my body changing, my head became filled with, well, it's kind of embarrassing to say."

<"I was, horny, all right, with no one but myself to satisfy that urge."

"No cute agents?"

<"God no, all either old men or women. But I still had two hands and an imagination, so I made do."

<"Abandoned, vulnerable, brain swimming with lewd thoughts, eventually I thought about you."

<"Oh, it was small things at first, your face in my mind’s eye for a brief moment, but as the weeks dragged on, I thought about you more and more."

<"Everyone abandoned me, but you wouldn't, the little boy who told his mother he would marry his big sister, the young man who put up with all his sister's garbage, even at my worst you never gave up on me."

"I guess the Westermarck effect doesn't apply to new monsters..."

<"Oh, I didn't think of you in a lewd way, not at first, at first it was just, "I wish Anon was here, I want someone to talk to, to understand what I'm going through."

<"But as things progressed, my thoughts became... something else."

<"Eventually, I progressed to "Anon is the only one who could understand what I'm going through, who would be better for me than someone who understands me implicitly, who can say they've shared as many experiences with me as he has?""

"That kind of explains it, but not fully."

<"The darker thoughts didn't come until the end, "My body has changed so much, would it still even be incest? We could start a life together, two lonely outcasts finding joy in each other's arms.""

<"Even innocuous thought became... twisted. Wanting to play video games like the old days ending with you bending me over the couch, me visiting you at work ending with you taking me there at your desk."

<"So, when you sent me that invitation, and the agents said I could go, I couldn't believe it. Some part of me hoped you felt the same, and when I saw you and you hugged me, and groped my ass..."


<"Fufu, We're all crazy here, Anon, if you were sane then you'd be somewhere else."

"Well, I understand where you're coming from now, but you know it can't ever be."

<"I know, you have that Oni, I was just too late."

"Amanda, even if I wasn't with Ayane, that kind of relationship would never have been a possibility. Would I have liked to have my sister back in my life? Of course, you were one of my best friends growing up. But you know and I know that the kind of thing you're describing, it’s a fantasy. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN."

<"I know, but a part of me still hoped."

>She pulls the brim of her hat low across her eyes, but it doesn't hide the wet tracks on her cheeks

>I laid it on too thick, I wanted her to leave me alone, but not go back to ignoring me.

<"Tomorrow, I'll go back to the airport and you'll never see me again, tell Ayane I'm sorry."

>I pull her into a hug, she returns it, her wet tears staining my nightshirt

"You know I wouldn't want that, you will find a nice man, someone better for you than I ever could be."

"Good night, Mandy."

<"Wait, before you go, I want to ask one last thing."


<"Just once, kiss me, so I can have something besides my own imagination."

"Did you hear anything I just said?"

<"Just once, and I'll be good, besides it's not like it would be the first time. Remember "kissing practice" back when we were teens?"

>I remember Dad beating the piss out of me when he walked in on us

"Okay, but only this time, I did promise you that whenever my big sister was sad, I'd try my best to make her happy."

>I scan around for Ayane, if she walked in then there would be no explaining, I would die the plaything of a wild oni

>I look back and find my sister, her eyes closed and lips slightly parted.

>Part of me thinks this is a mistake, I think back to Ayane.

<"Boushiya kiss you and fill your brain with mushrooms!"

>But if it means dispelling her obsession, I'll take that risk.

>I meet her halfway, keeping my eyes closed as well.

>Her lips are soft, and she tastes of mushrooms.

>It's almost nostalgic, Mom used to fry mushrooms all the time when we were kids.

>With my eyes closed, I'm almost tempted to enjoy it, if I wasn't painfully aware of who I was kissing

>When we break it off, a single string of saliva still connects us

>But I quickly break it

<"That was wonderful."

"Good, now never mention this to anyone."

<"Don't worry, this will be our secret."

>That night, my dreams are fitful

>my memories, but different

>Working hard at the office in drone like routine

<"Hello, Mr. Anon?"

>A woman in strange clothes

<"My name is Amanda and I'm your new co-worker"

>Everything is the same

>Dealing with Calvin

>"She may look human, but I've seen that hat, and those clothes, it's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers!"

"Calvin, I'd gladly have my body snatched by a woman who looks like that."

>Fighting the order

>"Tell me, apostate, what creature have you tied yourself to? Hellhound? Succubus?"

"Mad Hatter."

>"Oh ho, then perhaps you truly are too far gone I wonder, if I cleft your head in twain would I find naught but fungus inside?"

>The aftermath of every encounter

>Every embrace, every tearful reunion, every intimate moment, just changed.

<"So, this is what you've gone through for her? She's lucky to have you."

"What's going on?"

<"Mild application of spores in your brain, just enough to affect your dreams. You won't remember any of this."

"So what are you going to do? Take me in my dreams since you didn't get me in real life?"

<"That was the plan, at first, but seeing all this, knowing that it all was for that girl. What kind of person would I be to take that away from you?"

"I'm glad you realized that you'll be happier now."

<"Don't speak, just let me enjoy this for a little while longer."

>The sun breaks through the window as she lays across from me, her eyes part slightly and meet mine

>A smile crosses her face

>She reaches forward, and our hands intertwine

>In between us, a small green haired girl in purple striped pajamas

>Her little tummy rising and falling with every breath

>A future that can never be.

>I wake up, and across from me is Ayane

>This setup feels familiar, but I don't know why.

>For some reason, I raise the blankets, almost expecting to find a small oni between us.


>I take a walk to settle my nerves, David is in the kitchen frying some eggs.

>"Well, hey there, you were out late last night, Judy heard you out on the porch yellin' at our sister around 1."

"Where is she, anyway?"

>"Mandy? She went out, said she'd be back whenever, almost like her rude old self."

>"She did leave something for you, it's on the table."

>a folded piece of paper, inside, writing in her hand

<If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. and contrarywise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would.

>Below that is a small photograph of her and me and the child from my dream.

>"What a bitch, she told me to give it to you and it's blank?"

>I rub my eyes, where once was text and images is now a bank sheet of paper.

"Curiouser and curiouser..."

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